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Rick and Morty New Anime Short Continues Adventures of Samurai and Shogun

Released as part of the Adult Swim Festival 2021, on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel Rick and Morty has released a new Samurai & Shogun short.

In late March, Adult Swim dropped the first Samurai & Shogun cartoon short on their official YouTube channel. It’s a seamless hybrid of the show’s main characters crossed with the aesthetic of hyperbolically violent Japanese samurai anime.

The newest anime returns to this world and concept for Samurai & Shogun 2 as it places the titular duo back in their version of old-era Japan. It picks right up where the first animation left off. It starts with Rick picking up his most powerful enemy’s severed head, an alternate reality version of himself, as the clip transitions between bloody anime violence and images of Rick committing seppuku.


Image via Adult Swim

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Samurai & Shogun Pt. 1 and 2 were written and directed by Kaichi Sato, with Studio Deen known for its work on Ranma 1/2 and many more titles having produced the short. In addition, Maki Terashima-Furuta executive produced the new Rick and Morty short for US audiences. The voice cast of original Samurai and Shogun Youhei Tadano as “Rick WTM72”, and Keisuke Chiba as “Shogun Morty” returned as well.


You can watch the new Rick and MortySamurai and Shogun” short below. Season 6 of the show will premiere at some point in 2022. While we wait for news of the new season, you can catch up on Adult Swim and HBO Max.

Adult Swim describes the short:

“Paying homage to the classic tale Lone Wolf and Cub, Samurai Rick defends Shogun Morty against all comers. In part one, we learned that Rick WTM-72 is not to be underestimated. In the finale, his savagery knows no limit!”

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