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Retrieve a Fabled Artifact in TOMB OF THE TWILIGHT QUEEN — GeekTyrant

M.T. Black has a new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons groups to enjoy called Tomb of the Twilight Queen. The adventure sees your adventuring party go on an adventure to retrieve a fabled artifact. There’s no way that this is going to be bad. The adventure is designed to take a party of level 1-4 characters roughly 4-8 hours to complete. It also should be relatively easy to insert the adventure into any world or campaign.

Centuries ago, the Twilight Queen reigned over the most powerful empire in the world. But her realm now lies in ruins, her people are scattered, and her remains are buried in a grand tomb full of deadly traps and marvelous secrets. A renowned scholar has hired you to enter the tomb in search of a fabled artifact, but you will need all of your courage and ingenuity to survive…

You can purchase Tomb of the Twilight Queen from DriveThru RPG (affiliate link) for $2.95.

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