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REPTIL #1 is a Great Introduction to the Dinosaur Hero — GeekTyrant

Reptil is a new 4-issue mini-series from Marvel Comics that follows Humberto Lopez (aka Reptil) as he tries refocusing on his family. The series is written by Terry Blas with art by Enid Balám. Marvel provided me a copy of the first issue which recently released and it’s a fun read. You can grab your own copy of Reptil #1 from local comic shops, comiXology (affiliate link), or wherever you like to purchase your comics.

REPTIL ON THE BRINK OF EXTINCTION! In the wake of Kamala’s Law and his Grandfather’s worsening health, Humberto Lopez, A.K.A. Reptil, has taken a step back from crime-fighting to refocus on his family. Perhaps its a sign that he should give up on becoming a hero and finally come to terms with his parents’ mysterious disappearance…or perhaps not! When a mysterious figure ambushes Humberto, what unravels will shake the core of everything Humberto thought he knew about his past and will either change the course of his future—or end it forever!

This was the first time I heard of Reptil and I was intrigued by his awesome powers of being able to turn into any dinosaur. I really appreciated the recap the comic provides in the first few pages. It provided plenty of context to understand what is happening and then we got to dive right into the adventure.

I really enjoyed the relationship establishing in this issue. Humberto is in a new place and trying to adjust, but he’s also got some baggage to sort through still. He and his family all feel real. Eva and Julian are excited to see Papa Vic and Humberto, and are also supportive in ways that only family can be. The art is also really enjoyable.

Reptil #1 was a fun read and I’m very interested to see how the story unfolds over the next three issues.

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