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Real Couple Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos Weigh In on ‘Sex/Life’ Ending

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the first season of Sex/Life.

Love on set! Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos‘ characters had quite a bit of steamy scenes together on Netflix’s Sex/Life — so much so, that they began dating in real life. In the show, Shahi’s Billie is married to Cooper (Mike Vogel), but can’t seem to get her ex Brad (Demos) out of her head — and can’t help but fantasize about the very sexual relationship they once had.

While she spends the first season battling with herself over what she really wants — the sex-less but picture-perfect life in the suburbs that she has, or the spicy, somewhat toxic New York City romance — she appears to come to a conclusion in the finale.

Sex Life Sarah Shahi Adam Demos Ending

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in Sex/Life.

Billie turns down her ex’s proposal and devotes herself to finding that spark again with her husband. Up until the final moments, she seems happy — until she’s not. In the last moment of the finale, she admits it’s not enough, leaves her child’s play, runs to her ex’s apartment and tells him she wants to have sex.

So, can she have both worlds?

“I think that’s the question. That is the age-old question: Can you have it all? She’s a character who loves her life, but it’s not enough,” Shahi, 41, told Us Weekly exclusively while promoting the show. “She wants the stability of a relationship and she wants the danger of a relationship and the unpredictability of a relationship. She wants to be a great mom, and she wants to go to school and get her degree and work. So, it’s like, these are the things that hopefully if we get a season 2, we’ll be able to go into and explore.”

For Demos, he’s not so sure it would work on Brad’s end. “Brad loved Her. That’s for sure,” the Australia native, 35, explained to Us. “Who knows if that will sit well with him.”

Sex Life Adam Demos Sarah Shahi Ending

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi in ‘Sex/Life.’

During our interview, Shahi admitted that she jumped at the chance to play the more risqué role, and although she was a bit “intimidated,” she wasn’t at all “hesitant” to show that type of intimacy.

“I have always been trying to get into projects like this. I just never got hired. Everyone would always hire me to be the tough chick and paid me to keep my clothes on,” the L Word alum said. “More importantly I think once I found out too that this is a piece that was written by a woman — all the writers are women, [it’s] directed by all women, it was just such an ability to stand for something, to stand for femininity, to be able to be a voice in a way that I felt was really important for women. … You can be a mom and still want to be the sexual goddess at the same time. You don’t have to lose one for the other.”

She also joked that her costars made her life a lot easier. “You’re only as good as your scene partner and they are so phenomenal,” the Rookie alum said of Vogel, 41, and Demos. “They made my job very easy and they’re both easy to look at. So, oftentimes, I would joke with my mom, I’d just say, ‘I’m going into work,’ and she’d be like, ‘That’s not work because you got to work with Mike and Adam. That’s not called work.’ … [As a group,] we instantly had chemistry.”

Sex/Life is now streaming on Netflix.

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