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Monday is December 20 which means it is D20 Day. To celebrate, Dungeons & Dragons has announced a new holiday-themed celebrity game that fans can watch called Lost Odyssey: Promised Gold. Deborah Ann Woll will serve as Dungeon Master for an adventure that follows Jack Black’s mountain dwarf warlock bard, Barrolo, after his last adventure.

This fun adventure will raise money for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and be streaming exclusively through IGN’s TikTok (interesting platform choice if you ask me) at 10 AM PT on December 20. Here’s the full cast list:

  • Deborah Ann Woll – Dungeon Master

  • Gaten Matarazzo – Meryl Stroop (Half-Elf / Ranger Monk)

  • Jack Black – Barrolo (Mountain Dwarf / Warlock Bard)

  • Janina Gavankar – Zap (Human / Bard)

  • Melissa Villaseñor – Ruby (Rock Gnome / Druid)

  • Michelle Rodriguez – Lux (Dark Elf / Rogue)

  • Reggie Watts – Bronwyn (Wood Elf / Ranger)

In addition, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a free adventure for you to enjoy over the holidays as you’re with your loved ones. This free adventure will be available on the pages for the Essentials Kit as well as the Stay and Home Play initiatives.

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