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Olivia Thirlby Explains Why Hero Told Roxanne THAT

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Y: The Last Man, Season 1, Episode 6, “Weird Al is Dead.”]After carrying around the weight of a massive secret for about six episodes of Y: The Last Man, Olivia Thirlby’s Hero caves and tells someone what happened just before the event.

Back in Episode 1, we learn that Hero is sleeping with her colleague, Mike (Daniel Di Tomasso), and that he claims to have told his wife about the affair. However, Hero discovers that’s not really the case. They argue, their fight gets physical, Hero throws a fire extinguisher at Mike and the resulting wound kills him. Soon after, the event occurs and kills just about everyone with a Y chromosome, so one could assume that Mike would be dead anyway, essentially allowing Hero to get away with murder.

Olivia Thirlby in Y: The Last Man

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However, the secret is very clearly troubling her and in Episode 4, she comes close to revealing the truth to Sam (Elliot Fletcher) until he tells her, “Was he your boss? Yes. Are you a home wrecker? Also yes. But, did that asshole die happy? Indeed he did.” Sam making the assumption that Hero was not the guilty party whatsoever immediately stops her dead in her tracks; she won’t confess to her best friend. But, in Episode 6, she will confess to a stranger. Soon after arriving at the PriceMax and meeting the residents’ leader, Roxanne (Missi Pyle), Hero finally comes clean and tells Roxanne what she did.

So, after all that, why tell someone you barely know and not your closest friend? Thirlby addressed just that while on an episode of Collider Ladies Night. She began:

“What’s just happened is that Hero has just seen how this is a place where people are free to become something different, sort of shed their skin like a snake and leave the past locked away and gone. Even though she’s a bit conflicted and I think dubious of everything that’s going on at the PriceMax, there is something so enticing to her about just having this thing be gone forever, this thing that she feels like she could probably never get away from.”

Olivia Thirlby and Elliot Fletcher in of Y: The Last Man

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But what about Sam? Did that one misfire mean she could never tell him? Thirlby continued:

“Telling Sam isn’t possible for her. She already tried. I think, deep down, she’s just too afraid that he won’t love her anymore once he knows the truth of who she is, and her opinion of herself is so low.”

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Olivia Thirlby in Y: The Last Man

Image via FX

That doesn’t matter with Roxanne though.

“She doesn’t really care about what Roxanne thinks about her. But she does know that Roxanne has the power to pronounce someone transformed, so it’s sort of the perfect storm of the stakes being really low and also the prize being in sight. And I don’t think that the sharing of the secret is premeditated at all. I think that it’s weird for Hero to feel wanted. At this moment in her life it feels really good that she’s in this group of people that seem to like her and be intrigued by her and want her in some way. She sort of sees the apple and she picks it.”

Missi Pyle and Marin Ireland in Y: The Last Man

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Eager to hear more from Thirlby about her experience working on Y: The Last Man? Stay tuned because we’ll have her full episode of Collider Ladies Night for you soon!

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