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Not Just Travel reports post-Christmas sales bump

With the news surrounding the Omicron variant becoming more hopeful, consumer confidence in travelling abroad remains strong, says travel firm Not Just Travel.

Post-Christmas sales are up by approximately 50% on last year, with nearly half (43%) of bookings for travel in the next twelve weeks.

“People want to escape and enjoy warmth and sunshine, they are not worried about travel restrictions which we predict will ease accordingly,” says Not Just Travel co-founder Steve Witt.

“Pre-Christmas sales were down because the situation was still uncertain and people were waiting for their booster jabs. Now as things progress, confidence is building again.

“The traditional model of Peak sales, where there is a huge rush to book on Boxing Day onwards, has also changed. We won’t see quite such a big extreme peak in January. Demand will be high, but will remain high and not dip like it normally does.”

Not Just Travel say Lapland Christmas trips for 2022 are almost sold-out already and cruise sales have increased four-fold on this time last year.

“Cruise will be big in 2022, fuelled by the plethora of ‘seacations’ which happened in 2021. Many people first experienced cruise ships in 2021 and liked what they saw. They now want to travel abroad as they’ve also realised cruising health and safety standards are very high,” Witt said.

The average Not Just Travel cruise customer is spending nearly £2,000 more on cruise compared to other holidays.

“We are also experiencing a bigger demand for booking through Personal Travel Consultants because consumers want to talk to someone so they can ask questions. They want to know that their money is protected and that someone is researching all the best options for them.”

Not Just Travel is also seeing more ‘experience’ led holidays being booked as consumers want to try and experience new things.

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