No Way Home Will Reveal Sony’s Plan to Connect With MCU

Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Sony’s upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home has been rumored to have major implications for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, in a new interview with Variety, Sony Pictures Motion Group President Sanford Panitch teased that the film could have even bigger implications for the Sony Marvelverse as well. 

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Speaking about the upcoming entry in the Spider-Man franchise, Panitch was asked about the possibility of Spider-Man finally being able to meet other villains that have existed in the Sony universe of comic book films, including Venom, Carnage, and the upcoming Kraven from Sony’s recently announced Kraven the Hunter film. 

“There actually is a plan,” Panitch said. “I think now maybe it’s getting a little more clear for people where we’re headed and I think when No Way Home comes out, even more will be revealed.”

Panitch went on to tease that while on paper, Spider-Man: No Way Home represents the last film between the partnership between Disney’s Marvel Studios and Sony, he believes more opportunities will arise.

“The great thing is we have this very excellent relationship with Kevin,” said Panitch. “There’s an incredible sandbox there to play with. We want those MCU movies to be absolutely huge, because that’s great for us and our Marvel characters, and I think that’s the same thing on their side. But we have a great relationship. There’s lots of opportunities, I think, that are going to happen.”

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Fans have been waiting anxiously for Spider-Man to be able to face off against some of his more iconic villains, namely the Sinister Six, one of the most famous half-dozen group of villains in all of comics. With Sony seemingly slowly building toward the group becoming a reality, it’ll be interesting to see if Spider-Man eventually begins to show up in non-MCU related films. 

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