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No Way Home Images Show Tom Holland Back at School

There may be no way home, but Peter Parker has found his way to high school again.


Despite the constant rumors about Spider-Man: No Way Home, we don’t know too much about the upcoming Marvel film. Yet a few new photos posted on Spider-Man star Jacob Batalon’s Instagram show that it looks like at least some of the movie occurs at Midtown School of Science & Technology, where Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Ned (Batalon), and MJ (Zendaya) go to school, and it looks like at some point, Peter gets beat up.

The three photos – which were taken by Zendaya –  show Batalon and Holland on set. The first photo shows Holland with a face covered in scratches, making it seem like Parker ends up on the wrong side of a fight in No Way Home. The second photo shows Holland wearing a Midtown hoodie, next to a grinning Batalon. The third photo shows Batalon and Holland in gym uniforms in why looks to be the school’s gymnasium.


Image via Sony

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While we don’t know too much about the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home yet, the casting choices do seem to imply that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon be delving into the multiverse in a big way. Alfred Molina has confirmed that he will be returning as Doctor Octopus for the first time since 2004’s Spider-Man 2. Jamie Foxx will also reprise the role of Electro, which he last played in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Benedict Cumberbatch will be returning as Doctor Strange, supposedly filling the mentor role for Parker in this third installment. No Way Home will also see the return of Marisa Tomei, Angourie Rice, Tony Revolori, and Hannibal Buress.

Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out on December 17. Check out the new photos from the set of No Way Home below.

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