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New Trailer for the Feel-Good, Music-Driven Family Film EVEN IN DREAMS — GeekTyrant

A new trailer and poster have been released for the musically-driven family film Even In Dreams, which follows a girl and her band as they follow their musical aspirations.

The movie stars Monica Moore Smith as Sam, who steps in after her sister passes away to fill her place in their band, bringing them all the way to Nashville. She is joined by Alison Arngrim, Nathan Osmond, Adrian R’Mante, Tanner Gillman, James Gaisford, Kaden Caldwell, Savannah Ostler, and Sarah Kent. The movie was written and directed by Savannah Ostler (Twice The Dream).

EVEN IN DREAMS stars Sam (Monica Moore Smith), 18, an aspiring musician that just lost her older sister Amber. During the difficult grieving process, Sam finds comfort in singing and songwriting – fulfilling the dreams that Amber would now never be able to pursue. Along with Amber’s band, Sam moves to Nashville to pursue Amber’s dream of making a career in the music industry. Upon arrival, they sign with a music manager (Alison Arngrim) who immediately provides them with success, but at a price. As the taste of fame draws near, tensions begin to rise within the band. Will the industry tear them apart and change forever who they are? Even in Dreams is an inspiring, feel good, musically driven family film that reminds us all to LIVE OUR DREAMS!

This looks super cheesy, like it came straight from the Hallmark channel. These types of films have a pretty big audience though, so if you like light, feel-good movies, this may be right up your alley.

Check out the trailer and poster below, and watch Even In Dreams in theaters exclusively starting August 6th, 2021.

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