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New Skate Trailer Reveals Game Still in Early Development

By CL Staff

Full Circle and EA put the “tease” in teaser.


Skate 4 is coming and gameplay does indeed exist for the game, but Full Circle and Electronic Arts aren’t ready to show you. That’s the general theme behind the new trailer for the latest in the Skate franchise, which refrained from showing any actual gameplay. Instead, this teaser gave a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes motion capture work, as well as the reaction from content creators who got to see the game firsthand.

The trailer comes following an announcement from Full Circle that they would not be participating in July 22’s EA Play Live show. Over a year after Skate 4’s announcement, the team is focusing on perfecting the first new game Skate game in 11 years, and they brought in members of the community to help. Through their reactions, it seems the new game will feature much of what made the previous Skate games so beloved, including online sessions and a large, open world. Moreover, we get a look at motion capture skaters at work, all while the narrator pokes fun at the fact that this was all the trailer had. At least it confirmed the game’s continued development, even if the team is still early in the process.


Image via EA

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Since Skate 3 came onto the scene back in 2010, the market has seen its fair share of skating games rise to the occasion. Skater XL and Session both follow in the more physics-based, grounded footsteps of Skate, while Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 re-captured the glory of arcade skating. For fans of its predecessor, Full Circle’s latest project has a lot to live up to, but a return from hibernation is certainly welcome.

Skate 4 won’t be coming any time soon, but it’s reassuring to hear the team’s commitment to getting the game right, even if they trolled us in the process. Check out the trailer below for yourself.

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