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New SCHITT’S CREEK Monopoly Promises Fun for Fans — GeekTyrant

Schitt’s Creek was an amazing show full of laughs that was wildly popular. Now you can live out your own journey in the small town in the new Monopoly version. Game pieces include bébé crow, David’s sunglasses, Patrick’s guitar, Ted the turtle, Rosebud Motel key, and Moira’s wig. There are also two decks of cards, “Hello You” and “Love That Journey For Me” that are full of funny cards like “You perform ‘A Little Bit Alexis’” or “You Buy Tickets to The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening.” Locations around the board feature the iconic places from the show such as The Rosebud Motel, town hall, Café Tropical, Mutt’s Barn, Rose Apothecary, and more. Normally I don’t buy into all the many versions of Monopoly you can get, but this one actually looks like one I would get as a fan of the show. You can pick up a copy here for $39.99 now.

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