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New Loki Promo Confirms He’s Gender-Fluid

Marvel fans can’t wait for Loki to premiere next week, particularly because there’s been a lot of hope that the Disney Plus series will explore elements of the God of Mischief that haven’t been explored in the MCU before now. Chief among them, Loki’s various other forms, including his female self. By this point, it seems like we can rest assured Lady Loki will end up appearing as a new promo for the show confirms that the Asgardian trickster is gender-fluid.

The official Loki Twitter account shared a short new teaser this Sunday, which opens with a familiar clip of Tom Hiddleston’s anti-hero and Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius M. Mobius before offering a glimpse at the Time Variance Authority’s file on Loki. If you pause and zoom in on the file, you can see a breakdown of his stats. Many of them, including age and ethnicity, are unknown but next to “Sex” it clearly reads “Fluid.”

This is a pretty big deal for a couple of reasons. As said above, it heavily implies that Lady Loki is coming. British actress Sophia Di Martino’s role in the series has been the subject of much scrutiny, with it widely believed that she could be playing the female Loki. So this new promo only adds more fuel to that rumor.

Moreover, though, this confirmation of his gender-fluidity actually makes Thor’s brother the MCU’s very first leading character to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Obviously, this should have already happened long ago, but at least we know there are many more on the way after this. Including Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos in Eternals, Xochitl Gomez’s Miss America in Doctor Strange 2 and Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Don’t miss Loki when it debuts the first of its six episodes on Disney Plus this Wednesday – not Friday – June 9th.

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