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New Horizons Graphic Novel is Getting an English Release

Read these cute, quirky stories of island living on September 14.

Image via Nintendo

Animal Crossing is normally a series where players make their own stories of islands or village living as they cozy up to all their animal villager pals, do a little fishing or bug catching, and build the town of their dreams. For those who can’t get enough of Tom Nook and his furry friends though, VIZ Media is bringing the adventures of four human villagers to life in the English translation of “Animal Crossing New Horizons – Deserted Island Diary.”

This comedic graphic novel was originally released in June of 2020 in Japan and will finally make its way to English audiences on September 14. It follows the villagers, Coroyuki, Himepoyo, Benben, and Guchan as they experience the joys of a tropical island alongside many of the fan-favorite animals featured in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Expect a bunch of gags and fun stories as these very different, wacky villagers learn how to build up their island and their relationships with the animals. The book will feature everything from enjoying a campfire with Gulliver and helping Blathers prepare the museum, to gathering bells to pay back that merciless loan shark Tom Nook.


Image via Nintendo

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In total, the manga is about 128 pages long, but it includes more than just stories. Aside from the adventures of the villagers, the graphic novel will include a few guides for fans of the game. There will be a few tips and tricks for creating your own perfect island home in New Horizons as well as a small informational section on some of the animal villagers featured in the stories.

With the English release of the novel, Animal Crossing continues its reach outside of the video game sphere to give fans even more from their favorite furry friends. You can preorder the graphic novel now from VIZ Media for $9.99, though it’s also currently available on both Barnes and Noble and Simon & Schuster as well. Check out the cover for “Animal Crossing New Horizons – Deserted Island Diary” below.


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