Netflix Users Are Going Crazy For Lucifer Season 5B

Lucifer fans have endured a very long wait for season 5B. The first half of the fifth season hit Netflix in August 2020 and was a big success. Those eight episodes were well-received by viewers and critics, upping the ante with a story featuring Lucifer’s twin brother Michael and introducing Dennis Haysbert as God. It ended on a cliffhanger, with most assuming the season would be wrapped up by the end of 2020.

Then we waited. And waited. And waited. Along the way, Lucifer‘s fanbase proved to be supernaturally patient, though there were some grumblings that we didn’t even get a rough indication of when it’d return. But today all that’s in the past, as season 5B has just hit Netflix and fans are going bananas. Here’s a selection of how it’s gone down:

By all accounts, this half-season has lived up to expectations and it’s looking like the much-hyped musical episode is set to go down as a highlight of Lucifer. 

Now that the fifth season is finally out of the way we can begin looking forward to the sixth and final season, which will wrap up this biblically fun tale. Work has already been underway for some time, with the shoot taking place in late 2020. It’s sounding like it’ll wrap up on an emotional note, as Tom Ellis said during one of the last table readings, “I had something in my eye. Honest.”

My only hope is that we don’t have too long a wait to see it, and if it’s split into two halves we may not see the final episode until early 2022. In any case, if 5B is anything to go by Lucifer is going from strength to strength as it nears the finishing line. More on what’s next as we hear it.

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