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Netflix Opens ‘Fear Street’ Rentals Pop-Up Experience

The immersive Hollywood exhibit runs until July 18th


Do you miss going to video rental stores? If you’re in Hollywood right now, you’ve got a chance to return to one thanks to Fear Street Rentals. To promote their delightfully gruesome Fear Street trilogy, Netflix has opened a pop-up exhibit placing guests into the sinister town of Shadyside. Officially opening today, the experience will operate until July 18th, just two days after the final film premieres on the streamer.

The store is described as “an immersive experience that takes you back in time and brings to life the horrors of Shadyside” by Netflix in a statement. Entering through the ultra-90’s storefront similar to the shops seen in Part One: 1994, guests might stumble upon a not-so-secret passageway that takes them even further back in time. On display are recreations of Camp Nightwing from Part Two: 1978 and a creepy church debuting in Part Three: 1666. Fear Street Rentals is a free, first-come-first-serve experience located in Melrose, Hollywood. Due to limited space for cars, guests are encouraged to use rideshare services or parking in non-residential surrounding areas.

Olivia Scott Welch and Kiara Madeira in Fear Street 1994

Image via Netflix

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It should come as no surprise that Netflix is pulling out all the stops when promoting Fear Street. Collider’s own Vinnie Mancuso and Carly Lane have praised 1994 and 1978 for their vicious kills, natural nostalgia, and surprisingly thoughtful story. Mancuso called the first entry “a razor-sharp, modern, and unapologetically queer” slasher, while Lane noted that its follow-up revisits “familiar tropes in ways that pay homage to the subgenre” in an effective way. With 1666 closing out the story next week, it’s safe to say that we are excited to see how the story of the Shadyside curse concludes.

The Fear Street Rentals exhibit runs from July 9th to 18th, operating from 5 to 11 PM every day except Sundays. Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Part Two: 1978 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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