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Releasing on July 14, Extreme Carnage: Scream #1 will follow Andi Benton and Scream in this crazy event. The comic comes from writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Chris Mooneyham.

Andi Benton has always been a fighter, and that’s never been truer than since she bonded to the Scream symbiote a few months ago. But even after Absolute Carnage and King in Black, Andi has never had to fight like this — and, worse still, if she can’t save her symbiote from whatever unseen force is affecting it, she might have to do it alone…

Talking about the comic, Chapman said:

Extreme Carnage is a dream—scream?—come true. Not only am I utterly in awe of the sheer talent involved in mapping out this massive event, but I feel honored to be able to return to the character of Scream and further explore the complex relationship dynamics between them and Andi Benton. These two characters have such a profound bond with one another, whether fused together or torn apart, that every time I get to tell another chapter in their legacy feels like an immense privilege. Viva la Scream!

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