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Vall Syrene is at again this week with another Monster Hunts Weekly! This marks the 17th issue and the monster of the week is the Aberrant Chimera. The team for this issue consists of Syrene, Marco Michelutto, Sharkside, and Borntodostuff who created some awesome items to use in your adventures. T

hese creatures are small but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. They are each unique as they develop traits based on their food, but can also force mutations on their prey. This thing sounds awesome and I’m not trying to think of ways to incorporate it into my own campaigns. As always, you get a lot more than just a stat block with magic items, harvesting tables, a small adventure, plot hooks, and much more.

Monster Hunts Weekly presents a collection of one-shot adventures, full color maps, new creatures, magical items, plot hooks and harvest tables to quickly inject into your Dungeons and Dragons games!

You can purchase Monster Hunts Weekly: Issue 17 from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.95.

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