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MONSTER HUNTS WEEKLY Drops Its First Multi-Stage Boss Monster — GeekTyrant

Vall Syrene, Carolyn Kunze, and Magic Goblin have released the 18th issue of Monster Hunts Weekly and it is a big one. It once again has some awesome magical items, plot hooks, a mini adventure, and harvesting guides, but it also has the series’ first multi-stage boss, The Horrow Lich.

This is a creature designed to challenge higher level parties as it goes from one form to another and becoming more powerful with each one. As always, I highly recommend grabbing this supplement if you’re a DM, they’re extremely useful.

Monster Hunts Weekly presents a collection of one-shot adventures, full color maps, new creatures, magical items, plot hooks and harvest tables to quickly inject into your Dungeons and Dragons games!

You can purchase Monster Hunts Weekly: Issue 18 from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.95.

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