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Monster Hunter Rise Free Update Brings New Monsters to the Nintendo Switch Today

The free update also received a new trailer to show all the exciting new content coming to the game.


Monster Hunter Rise will get its first title expansion today, with the addition of new Apex Monsters and some fan-favorite Elder Dragons. The news comes straight from the Monster Hunter April Digital Event, which also revealed some changes to how the base deals with Apex Monsters encounters.

There’s no doubt the main attractions of any Monster Hunter game are the franchise’s iconic creatures, and the new monsters added with the 2.0 update were the center of the event’s reveal. Starting later today, two classic monsters will get an Apex version: Diablos and Rathalos. The new auditions also change the way Apex Monsters show up in the base game. So far, players could only encounter the most powerful versions of the monsters in Rampage Mode. After 2.0 arrives, Apex Monsters can be fought in regular missions, which means players will be able to face all previously released targets one-on-one, if they wish.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo art

Image via Capcom, Nintendo

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Some fan-favorite Elder Dragons will also be added to the base game, with the arrival of Kushala Daora, Teostra and Chameleos. Chameleos should prove a special challenge to the huge base of players for Monster Hunter Rise, since this Elder Dragon was not present in Monster Hunter World, the 2018’s installment that popularized the franchise internationally.

In order to welcome the new monsters, new quests will also be available with the update, and Capcom has stated that all the missions can be played offline once they’re downloaded. The update also brings an unlocked hunter rank cap after certain conditions are met by the player, new gear to forge from the parts of new monsters, and the ability to use layered armor. This last feature allows players to change the skins of their character, without being forced to change the stats of their equipment. With the introduction of layered armor, new cosmetic DLCs will also be available for purchase.

Monster Hunter Rise is expected to be released on the PC in early 2022, but for the moment the game remains a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The free update, and all the new monsters, will be available today at 8 pm ET. Check out the trailer for the 2.0 update below:

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