Midnight in the Switchgrass Red Band Trailer Reveals Bruce Willis and Megan Fox’s Crime Thriller

The film comes to select theaters, VOD, and home video on July 27.


A new red band trailer has been released for upcoming crime thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass starring Bruce Willis and Megan Fox, which is coming to select theaters, VOD, and home video on July 27.

Randall Emmett makes his directorial debut working from a script by Alan Horsnall, which sees Willis and Fox as FBI agents Karl Helter and Rebecca Lombardi. While working a case in Florida, the duo discovers their operation has crossed over with the rampage of a notorious serial killer, who’s been tracked for years to no avail by Emile Hirsch’s Texas Ranger Byron Crawford.

Lombardi then volunteers for a sting operation to try and ensnare the murderer, only to find herself captured, forcing Helter and Crawford to pair up and try and track down the suspect in a race against time before he claims another victim.


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It’s an atmospheric enough trailer, but it’s one of those extended promos that feels as though it gives a little too much of the plot away, but it still looks like the sort of cat-and-mouse nail-biter that should appeal to fans of the hard-boiled crime story. As well as the three leads, Midnight in the Switchgrass also stars Lukas Haas, Colson Baker, Caitlin Carmichael, Michael Beach, Jackie Cruz, and Sistine Stallone.

After taking a hiatus from acting, Fox is back in a big way with Midnight in the Switchgrass marking her ninth credit since the beginning of 2019, which still pales in comparison to Willis, who has appeared in no less than seven movies since May of last year, with another eight scheduled for release before the end of 2022.

You can watch the new red band trailer for Midnight in the Switchgrass below:

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