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Mare of Easttown Season 2 Could Happen, According to HBO Chief

We might not have seen the last of Kate Winslet’s Mare.

Mare of Easttown, which wrapped its first season on Sunday, has left the door open slightly for another season, and HBO Chief Casey Bloys isn’t turning down the idea of bringing back the popular series.

In an interview with Variety, Bloys talked about the increased viewership the series had gotten, which even crashed the streaming platform for many users, and most notably gave his blessing to creator/writer Brad Ingelsby to take the story wherever he wanted it.

“If Brad felt like he had a story to tell that felt like it would be at the same level, I think everybody would be open to it,” Bloys says. “Right now, he doesn’t have that story. Who knows? We’ll have to wait to see if they come up with something they’re dying to tell.”

So while not an official announcement that another season is coming, it does offer a chance that the series could come back even though it was originally written as a limited series with only one season.


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The statements all circle back to the fundamentally crucial question about whether there is more story to tell. Even with a critically praised performance by Kate Winslet as the titular Mare Sheehan, a morally conflicted detective and grieving mother investigating a murder, Bloys made it clear they won’t be starting production anytime soon.

“I think Mare got her claws into Kate – she has been open about that,” Bloys said. “But there’s a long way to go between that and ‘Let’s do it again.’ The story has to be there and the reason to do it has to be there.”

Bloys went on to say that he doesn’t “even have any idea that there’s going to be a timeline” on when they would decide to do more. “Usually we take the lead from our creators,” he said. “There’s been no real conversations about what a Season 2 would look like.”

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