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Lionsgate Confirms American Psycho TV Show, ‘Exploring’ Saw Options

Lionsgate Confirms American Psycho TV Show, Quiet on Saw Rumor

It has been 21 years since the theatrical release of Mary Harron’s cult classic American Psycho, and now Lionsgate Television chairman Kevin Beggs has confirmed that the studio is currently in the process of developing a TV series adaptation of the Christian Bale-led black comedy slasher movie.

Speaking with Deadline, Beggs also went on to tease the potential TV spinoff of James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Saw franchise, revealing that it’s one of the many titles they’re planning to explore for television. Understandably, Beggs wasn’t able to give away further details about the potential project, but the outlet brings word that Lionsgate TV is reportedly still in early talks for the long-rumored Saw TV series and that Mark Burg and Oren Koules’ Twisted Television would be involved.

“We’ve just wrapped up Dear White People, which was a really good experience. Blindspotting is coming up. American Psycho is in development. We’re always exploring what we can do in television with something like the Saw franchise, so that’s a conversation,” Beggs said.

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Based on Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel, American Psycho was directed and co-written by Mary Harron. It featured an all-star cast consisting of Christian Bale, Jared Leto, Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, Justin Theroux, Josh Lucas and Chloe Sevigny. The film centered around a young and wealthy business named Patrick Bateman, who seems like the perfect guy that’s living the dream. However, looks can indeed be deceiving as it turns out Patrick is a rising psychopathic serial killer who kills innocent people because of insignificant mistakes.

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Since its theatrical release in 2000, the film went on to become commercial success and had also received positive reviews, praising Bale’s leading antagonistic performance.

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Created by horror geniuses James Wan and Leigh Whannell, Saw has been one of the longest-running horror franchises to date which started in 2004’s Saw and went on to spawned off eight installments including the upcoming Spiral: From the Book of Saw starring Chris Rock which is set to debut next month on May 14.

The horror franchise centers around Tobin Bell’s iconic character Jigsaw, a serial killer who uses violently elaborate psychological tests and torture games to trap his victims into seemingly unescapable situations. All previously released films had earned a combined worldwide gross of over $970 million.

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