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Legend of Mana Anime Adaptation in the Works by WB Japan

legend of mana anime

Square Enix announced it is making a Legend of Mana anime adaptation with Warner Bros. Japan.

Announced during the 30th-anniversary livestream for the Mana game series, Square Enix revealed Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal, an anime adaptation of its popular Legend of Mana video game. While a premiere date was not announced, a teaser visual for the upcoming anime was revealed.

Check out the Legend of Mana anime teaser art below:

Legend of Mana

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Alongside Warner Bros. Japan, Graphinica and Yokohama Animation Lab will be producing the Legend of Mana anime adaptation. While footage of the anime has yet to be shown, the two studios collaborated on the opening cinematic for the recently released Legend of Mana remaster.

The Legend of Mana producer Masaru Oyamada had a bit to say (via Anime News Network) about the new anime project:

“When the animation project was first pitched to me, the remastering of Legend of Mana was not even in discussion. I initially attended the meeting without deep thoughts, but when Mr. Yawata from Warner Bros. Japan passionately pitched the Legend of Mana animation project (with so much love), I realized I need to created [sic] the game as soon as I can. So rumor has it, that’s how the HD remaster project began. Fans of the Legend of Mana, please be assured. The people involved in the project still have the love for the series just the same as back then.”

Legend of Mana is an action RPG developed by Square Soft (now Square Enix) and released in 1999. It is the fourth entry in the Mana series following 1991’s Final Fantasy Adventure, 1993’s Secret of Mana, and 1995’s Trials of Mana.

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As mentioned above, Legend of Mana recently received an HD remaster and is available now for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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