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Legal challenge to red list quarantine

Published on Thursday, August 12, 2021

A legal firm representing travellers is taking on the government in a legal challenge to the mandatory red list quarantine rules.

London-based firm PGMBM claims it is an ‘unlawful deprivation of liberty.’

Travellers arriving from red list countries must stay in quarantine hotels at their own cost even when fully vaccinated and testing negative for Covid.

The cost for a quarantine stay has risen from £1,750 to £2,285.

PGMBM managing partner Tom Goodhead likened it to prison.

“Mandatory hotel quarantine is a fundamental breach of human rights. It has led to the false imprisonment of people who are fully vaccinated and have tested negative,” he said.

Dozens of countries are on the red list including popular holiday destinations Mexico and Turkey.

“We are determined to protect our country and the progress we have made thanks to the vaccine rollout. That is why the government has taken decisive action at the border, including the introduction of the managed quarantine system,” a government spokesperson said in response.

The law firm is seeking damages for anyone who has been fully vaccinated in the UK and was forced to stay at a quarantine hotel on their return.

“We want to see this draconian policy scrapped and those affected to be properly compensated,” Goodhead said.

“They are often travelling for emergency or urgent reasons and would not be travelling unless they felt it was absolutely necessary.”


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