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Learn to Type in Elvish and Dwarvish With These Keycap Sets — GeekTyrant

Lord of the Rings super fans have dedicated long hours to learning to read, write, and speak in elvish and dwarvish. We can’t help you with the learning the language part, but Drop + can now help you with the writing part with two new keycap sets.

Each set comes in a variety from training which has the english alongside the dwarvish or elvish, hardcore which has no english at all, sets for ortholinear keyboards, number pads, and extras including color variations. These are officially licensed so no worries about them not being accurate at all.

These keyboards look beautiful and with the two skill levels are perfect for the hardcore or more casual fan. Go check out the dwarvish and elvish keycap sets now and start writing out your ominous ring related poems now.

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