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Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo Writing Cinderella’s Evil Stepsisters Film

Disney: Cinderella’s Stepsisters to Get Film from Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumolo

A Disney Untitled Cinderella’s Evil Stepsisters film is in development from Oscar-nominated screenwriters Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo. Deadline reports that the duo will be joining forces again after the critical and word of mouth success of Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar. Jessica Elbaum and Will Ferrell from Gloria Sanchez Productions will produce the film.

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Wiig and Mumolo, the genius minds behind Bridesmaids, are currently co-writing the untitled fairytale film. The film is described as a musical comedy that re-imagines the Cinderella classic from the point of view of Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine, the infamous evil stepsisters. It will span from their early childhood through the marriage of their universally beloved stepsister and beyond, we follow the sisters as they struggle to uphold their family’s legacy. It is unknown if Wiig and Mumolo will also star in the film or if Wiig will reprise her SNL role as Cinderella.

Their recent comedy feature Barb and Star drew comparisons on social media to Disney and The Muppets (which they should take over) with its hilarious musical numbers and sincere madcap adventures centered around two middle-aged women who go on an adventure of a lifetime. And you will too if you haven’t watched it already! This is our endorsement in anticipation of the Evil Stepsisters movie.

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The Disney villains continue to be given re-imagined stories following the success of Disney’s Maleficent and the upcoming Cruella de Vil pic Cruella starring Emma Stone which will be released in May.  The studio is also developing Gaston and LeFou, a prequel to Beauty and the Beast for Disney+  with Luke Evans and Josh Gadd returning to reprise their roles. With the Evil Stepsisters, we’re hoping for shades of Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, which has bonkers energy of what this movie could be. In any case, we’re in!

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