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KonMari Launches New Puzzle Game SPARK JOY! — GeekTyrant

KonMari Media has launched a new mobile puzzle game Spark Joy! It’s a storybook puzzle game that looks way more adorable than it has a right to. There will feature two different kinds of yin and yang puzzle games. Yin puzzles help clear the mind through Zen-like garden puzzles and in yang puzzles, players move colorful cubes to a specific shape while clearing away unnecessary blocks. Here’s the official synopsis for the story:

Spark Joy! follows the story of a young girl troubled by a personal struggle, and after meeting Marie Kondo, she is able to face her problems, listen to her inner voice, and eventually find what is truly important to her. Sparked by joy, she embarks on a journey around the world and meets different people facing unique worries of their own. With the help of Marie Kondo and cute Mononoke (spirited beings), the girl helps others overcome their own challenges by sharing her happiness with them and helping them find joy within through tidying.

It looks and sounds like a really calming kind of puzzle game. You can get the game now on IOS and Android for $3.99. 

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