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Koch Media Confirms Summer Game Fest Showcase

Koch Media is the latest firm to announce that they’ll be running a presentation during the games press conference extravaganza that is heading our way in June thanks to E3 and the Summer Game Fest. The German-Austrian company will be hosting a show on June 11, which should feature a slew of new and previously-announced titles.

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Currently on Koch’s books are the Dead Island franchise, Metro, Saints Row, Wasteland, Shenmue 3, Maneater, and Hunt: Showdown. In recent weeks, they have also announced the reformation of Free Radical, who have the intention of bringing the much-beloved TimeSplitters franchise back to life.

Given that work has apparently not even started on the new TimeSplitters title, we doubt it’ll show up as part of the live broadcast. However, we can’t imagine that they’d host a live event without having anything of note to show. So, we’d wager that we’ll be seeing a lot from upcoming titles Chorus, Iron Harvest, Outward, Pheonix Point, and maybe even a little something of an update from the long, long development cycle that Dead Island 2 seems to find itself stuck in.

Koch Primetime, as they are calling it, will go live on June 11 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT.

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