Kevin Smith to Sell Killroy Was Here as NFT

Plus, Jay and Silent Bob go Crypto with a new online store.


Kevin Smith is, once again, pushing the boundaries of indie movie production by announcing the rights over horror anthology Killroy Was Here will be sold as a non-fungible token, or NFT, a unique data piece that has a single owner. As Deadline reports, the use of NFT by Smith will also extend to Smith’s View Askewniverse cinematic universe, which received an online crypto store with official and exclusive digital content.

Killroy Was Here will be the first movie ever to be sold as an NFT, meaning the buyer of Smith’s new movie will detain the rights to profit from the horror anthology any way they seem fit. What makes the transaction different from any real-money deal is that NFTs are unique ownership certificates, validate by cryptography. Usually, an NFT doesn’t stop data from being copied, but in Smith’s case, the movie will be an NFT in itself, cryptographed to only allow the buyer to access it. The buyer of Killroy Was Here could decide never to copy and distribute it, making it a movie only a single person will be able to watch.

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This experiment can potentially open the possibility for indie productions to completely bypass regular movie studios, moving entirely to an online space where crypto-currency and NFTs are ever more usual. To dive even more into the crypto universe, Smith is auctioning Killroy Was Here in the newly released Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio, an online platform to sell NFTs for exclusive content inspired by the duo of characters made iconic by Jason Edward Mewes and Smith himself.

Besides content produced and curated by smith’s crew, the Crypto Studio will also feature fan art to be sold as NFT. This is a way to allow other independent artists to profit from Jay and Silent Bob. As Smith explains, “we [Smith’s crew] provide the Jay and Silent Bob, you provide the art, our partner Semkhor mints the NFT, and we split the profits. I’ve earned money off of Jay and Silent Bob for years now, so it’s nice to provide a licensed place where others can do the same.”

Regular Drops will be available on the Crypto Studio, renovating the online stock of available NFTs. The Crypto Studio currently features Smokin’ Tokens, 3D art pieces that’ll celebrate a different Jay and Silent Bob movie every month. Fans of Smith can also bid for a Platinum Token that ensures a cameo in Smith’s next movie, Clerks III, set to shoot this summer. A few Platinum Tokens will also be hidden amongst regular Tokens, giving a chance to every buyer to win the right to be on Clerks III.

While Killroy Was Here is not yet available for auction on the Crypto Studio, a preview for the movie will be sold as NFT starting this April 21. A Platinum Token will also be hidden amongst the movie’s previews.

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