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Julie Delpy Clarifies Her Fourth Before Movie Comments

The ‘Before’ series will continue to remain a trilogy.


A few days ago, we reported that actor-director Julie Delpy recently turned down appearing in the fourth installment of Richard Linklater‘s acclaimed Before trilogy. However, in an interview with Variety, Delpy shed new light on what she meant. It turns out that she didn’t turn a new film down, but instead, one didn’t materialize.

As Delpy tells it:

“What happened was that we — all three of us — agreed that we couldn’t come up with something good for a fourth one. It’s that simple. We didn’t fight. We’re not on bad terms. Everyone’s happy…It’s so much drama for nothing. We just didn’t come up with a good idea”

This reveal makes sense when taking into account just how collaborative the Before trilogy was. For 2004’s Before Sunset and 2013’s Before Midnight, Delpy and Hawke served as producers and co-writers along with Linklater. Both films ended up being nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay Oscars, despite neither winning.


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The trilogy encompasses the full cycle of love. Before Sunrise dealt with the fated encounter while Sunset focused on second chances at love. Finally, Midnight dealt with the realities of a long-withstanding relationship and the disintegration of the honeymoon phase. The latter’s final scene, in which Jesse attempts to ask for Celine’s forgiveness for their previous (and incredibly acted) arguments, seems to be a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. It shows just how complicated and messy love can be, so any attempt to follow up that finale would seem weird.

Even though the Before series will remain a trilogy, you can currently stream Sunrise and Sunset with a Cinemax subscription while Midnight is streaming on Starz.

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