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John Krasinski: 5 Other Genres The A Quiet Place Part II Director Should Explore Next

A Western

Another genre comes to mind that also takes place in a lawless, dog-eat-dog society and dominated the box office once upon a time. While modern-day stories about angry people in big hats, such as the hit TV show Yellowstone – streaming on Peacock now, have proved quite popular lately, the traditional, 19th-century set western could use a boost.

I reckon that the A Quiet Place movies actually make John Krasinski a great candidate to prove mainstream cinema is still big enough for old school style thrillers that made fellow actor-turned-filmmaker Clint Eastwood a star decades ago. In fact, the key could be dipping into same ideas that made the horror franchise work in the first place: focusing on a family forced to make difficult decisions to ensure their survival where a nefarious threat lurks near. Imagine if the Abbotts were the protagonists of 2015’s Bone Tomahawk to understand what I mean.

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