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Joe Hill’s Dracula Spinoff Abraham’s Boys Lands Director Natasha Kermani

Women directing vampire movies is definitely the mood right now.


Vampire movies are currently having a resurgence at the moment, and the latest addition to this growing trend is an adaption of Joe Hill’s Abraham’s Boys by Natasha Kermani. The writer-director is known for her work on Lucky and Imitation Girl. Hill is a well-known horror author, the son of Stephen King who has written such works as NOS4A2 and Locke & Key, both of which were adapted into television series.

Abraham’s Boys is a short story by Hill, which has already been adapted into a short film in 2009 by Dorothy Street. A sequel of sorts to Dracula, the story follows Abraham Van Helsing’s children, as they attempt to uncover his past while he becomes more unhinged and violent. The adaptation will follow the perspective of a female Asian character, who witnesses the boys’ trauma firsthand.


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While vampire stories never really go out of fashion, and always remain staples of the horror genre, they’ve been gaining popularity over the past few years. I attribute at least some of resurgence to popular culture revision of the Twilight film series in recent years, as new content has come out praising its unintentional comedy and reveling in the fun of teen nostalgia.

Some upcoming vampire projects to look out for include a new adaptation of Dracula by Academy Award-winner Chloe Zhao, whose Marvel debut The Eternals will premiere later this year. Karyn Kusama also has her own Dracula adaptation in the works. Additionally, HBO has announced a reboot of the popular vampire series True Blood. Julius Avery also teased a reboot of Van Helsing, the underrated 2004 film with Hugh Jackman.

Abraham’s Boys is currently in development, but we’ll let you know more information when announced.

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