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Jill Bearup Was Trained in Stage Combat and She Proves That With Weapons, Size Does Matter — GeekTyrant

Jill Bearup is a YouTuber who is trained in stage combat. Most of her videos focus on how well fight scenes in movies work visually and realistically and how good female armor is. Her latest video focuses on the old trope of someone wielding a weapon that is way too big for them, specifically shorter women.

She brings in two friends to help, a taller man and a very short woman, who are both combat trained to show how well some weapons do and don’t work. It’s an interesting breakdown of why in your fiction it doesn’t make any sense to have a short woman wield something like a greatsword and some suggestions of what she should use instead.

Watch it below and then check out the rest of the channel for fun analysis videos such as if a corset protect you from a knife attack.

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