Jared Leto Movies Streaming: What To Watch If You Like The Joker Actor

Girl, Interrupted (Starz)

Jared Leto isn’t featured super long in this movie, but I can’t not put it on this list. Girl, Interrupted is a psychological drama film that is set in the late 1960s and follows the story of a young woman who, after a suicide attempt, ends up in a psychiatric hospital, spending 18 months there.

It’s a great movie for many reasons. All of the stars (and trust me, there are a lot, from Winona Ryder to Angelina Jolie) stand out in their performances and give a truly remarkable show for you to enjoy. Leto, for the time that he is in it, is almost the complete opposite of some of the characters in this film but it’s so cool to see that interesting divide between the ones that live in this mental hospital to the ones that don’t. Truly, it’s a movie to see, that is for sure.

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