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It’s Not My Swan Song: Udo Kier on His Latest Drama and How Much He Has Left to Give | Interviews

So, it was important to capture for you some of the gestures of the man that “Swan Song” is based on?

Yes, definitely, because they were not mine. I knew I’m playing someone who once was alive, so of course. It was altogether a great experience, and I don’t want to miss it for nothing in the world. I did this film and I’m very happy for Todd, that he directed this film.

You spoke earlier about the green suit. I’m curious, was there any other suits that they were considering?

No, they have found that, the costume ladies (Kitty Boots and Shawna-Nova Foley) and Todd. Then, they showed it to me and I said, “No question: Yes.” And that’s why once I had that suit on, I never tried another costume on. Once I have to green suit on, I wanted to stay in that suit and not in something else, because that was part of being a figure who lives and goes back into the past. And I like it the moment in the store, he tries it on and he likes it.

It’s a wonderful scene. The first time I saw the film, I was laughing and crying when he comes out of the fitting room. I can understand why—as a performer—you don’t want to go back to the sweatsuit after that. Everything needs to move forward.

It’s good. I showed [“Swan Song”] to friends and good friends, I can trust their words, and they said, “Oh, we were crying, we were laughing.” And I said, “Well, that’s great.” I mean, because I didn’t act to make people cry or laugh. I was the person, which I found through Todd and through his friends and the city I’ve never been, so it all came together.

Did you keep the green suit?


Oh, I’m surprised you gave it back.

It’s because I’m not Mr. Pat anymore. I don’t want to say to everyone, “My friends, I put it in a frame.” I have a Keith Haring jacket on my wall. It’s from Keith Haring, he did a drawing on my leather jacket.

But I don’t want a suit in a frame like Japanese people put a kimono in a frame. No. It’s done. It’s done. I made already three films after “Swan Song.” So, it’s not my swan song. And I continue trying to find a story and a leading part in a good movie.

“Swan Song” is now playing in theaters.

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