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Is It Streaming or in Theaters?

Think you’re ready to pay another visit to the home of Norman “The Blind Man” Nordstrom—hardened veteran and skilled bringer-of-pain? Better pack your first aid kit! Just because he’s completely blind, that doesn’t mean Norman (Stephen Lang) won’t completely wreck your world if you (foolishly) try to take advantage of him. The character showed us in 2016’s Don’t Breathe just how far he’ll go—and how depraved he’ll get—to enact revenge on the people who have stolen the things he covets the most, and he’s back in Don’t Breathe 2 with an even more precious possession to protect.

Eight years after the events of Don’t Breathe, in which we saw a young and desperate burglar (Jane Levy) narrowly escape Nordstrom’s home with both her life and $300,000 (unlike her two unfortunate accomplices), Norman has retreated to a quiet life in a secluded cabin where he cares for a little girl, Phoenix (Madelyn Grace), who would otherwise be an orphan. Nordstrom finally has the daughter he was so unjustly robbed of years before, and will again reach to the horrific depths of his nature when the girl’s well-being is threatened.

Don’t Breathe 2 hits theaters Friday, August 13th. In the meantime, we’re answering some questions about how and where to watch this sequel to the breakout horror flick.

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Is ‘Don’t Breathe’ Streaming Right Now?

Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe 2

Image via Sony

Unfortunately, Don’t Breathe isn’t streaming right now, but it is available online for rental and purchase. You can rent Don’t Breathe on demand through Amazon Prime or Redbox+, or by making a quick search on the Redbox website to find out if the movie is stocked at a kiosk near you. If all else fails, call up your local video store or library and find out if you can get Don’t Breathe to watch the old fashioned way!

Where Can I Watch ‘Don’t Breathe 2’?

With theaters reopening their doors this summer to eager audiences, Sony Pictures opted for an exclusively theatrical release for Don’t Breathe 2. You can search local showtimes and purchase tickets online at Atom Tickets, Fandango, Flixster,, or by visiting your local theater’s website. Be sure to check current local Covid-19 policies before snagging your tickets for the in-person showing.

Will ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Stream Online?

No, unlike some other movies this year, Don’t Breathe 2 will not be released to streaming platforms simultaneously with the theatrical release. While Warner Bros., for example, has an arrangement with HBO Max for streaming titles on the same day as the theatrical release, the Don’t Breathe films’ parent, Sony Pictures, is not currently using a specific platform for simultaneous streaming of their films. A date for streaming Don’t Breathe 2 has not been released yet, nor has a platform been announced, but we’ll be sure to let you know of these details when we find out.

Adam Young and Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe 2

Image via Sony

What is ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ About?

Here’s the official synopsis from Sony Pictures Releasing:

“In Don’t Breathe, Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) was underestimated by everyone because of his blindness: he revealed an unflinching will to survive and get what he wants… but also a monstrous, evil side of his personality, as nothing – no person or conscience – will stand in his way. Now, in Don’t Breathe 2, eight years later, Nordstrom lives with 11-year-old Phoenix; he has recreated the family that was stolen from him by a drunk driver and has found the twisted justice he’s always felt was his due. When intruders once again come to his home, this time focused on Phoenix, Norman will reveal for a second time what’s hidden inside him… and again, it will be in new and unexpected ways.”

Why Isn’t Jane Levy in ‘Don’t Breathe 2’?


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

Lang’s Blind Man is the only character returning for Don’t Breathe 2, and according to the producers, there are a few reasons why Jane Levy didn’t return for the sequel. At a press event for Don’t Breathe 2, producer Fede Álvarez described Levy’s commitment to her work as being part of the decision, saying:

“Jane is amazing; we’ve made two movies with her and have so much respect for her. I saw her recent work, and I’m so happy that she’s having so much success with her TV stuff. I think when I see her there, I see her in her true element where she’s truly happy. When I saw her shooting this movie, I did not see her happy. I think that she gives 200% every day, and these movies are really demanding in the way we do them also. So I wouldn’t have done that to her… In general, actors going through this – that take it seriously – go through hell. And she went through hell twice, back to back, with Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe. By the time of Don’t Breathe, it was even harder. Maybe when I called her, she would’ve said yes. I doubt it, but if she had, I would feel really bad. I wouldn’t want to do that to anybody.”

Producer Rodo Sayagues explained the decision to not have Jane Levy in Don’t Breathe 2 being strictly movie business, as the sequel story simply doesn’t require Levy’s character.

Jane Levy, however, didn’t exactly agree with the producers’ explanation of their decision, and took to Twitter to deem the situation as “people choosing what the ‘best decision’ is for me without asking what I think or want.” Levy also added that Álvarez was indeed correct in his assumption that Levy wouldn’t have returned for the Don’t Breathe sequel, and posits, “maybe we should be asking why these films are made in such a way that their directors are averse to having committed actors participate?”

What is the MPAA Rating for ‘Don’t Breathe 2’?

Don’t Breathe 2 is rated R by the MPAA due to strong bloody violence, gruesome images, and language, as if that wasn’t made pretty clear by the trailer. Even though Don’t Breathe was praised for breaking away from the overzealous use of blood and gore in the horror genre, we should expect to squirm a bit watching Don’t Breathe 2.

Watch the ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ Trailer

Now that you know where you can watch Don’t Breathe 2 right now, here’s the trailer to get a glimpse of what you’re in for.

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