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Indiana Jones 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and More

Indiana Jones is one of the most beloved characters in cinema history. He’s smart, sarcastic, handsome, strong, and adventurous, and his movies aren’t too shabby either. While opinions are pretty aligned on which is the worst Indiana Jones movie, the first film in the franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the third, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, are largely considered the highlights so far. These have the richest storylines and are the most intriguing to watch of the four films.

Harrison Ford has been playing this character for over three decades, and he’s reprising the role for Indiana Jones 5. Despite the fact that he’s pushing 80 years old, the set photos we’ve seen so far prove he still wears the Indiana Jones costume well.

While Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left a bit of a bad taste in fans’ mouths, the hope is that Indiana Jones 5 can rekindle some of the original love for the franchise. Anticipation is at a fever pitch, so let’s run down what we know about Indiana Jones 5 so far.

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Is There an Indiana Jones 5 Trailer?

An Indiana Jones 5 trailer has not yet been released and probably won’t be for some time, but we’ll add it here as soon as it’s available.

When Is the Indiana Jones 5 Release Date?

The yet-untitled fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise is slated to be released on July 29, 2022, provided the production keeps on track. When Indiana Jones 5 was first announced, its initial release date was 2019 before being pushed back to 2020, 2021, and finally 2022. Fingers crossed this one holds.

Is Indiana Jones 5 Filming?

Indiana Jones 5 is currently in production. Filming began in June of 2021 in the UK.

Why Is Steven Spielberg Not Directing Indiana Jones 5?


Image via Lucasfilm

Indiana Jones 5 will be the first Indiana Jones movie not directed by Steven Spielberg, although he is still involved in the film as a producer alongside Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. Instead, James Mangold — the filmmaker behind films as varied as Logan, Ford v. Ferrari, and Girl, Interrupted — was selected by Spielberg to direct the film in 2020.

Spielberg decided to focus his time and energy on other films like the upcoming West Side Story and a coming-of-age drama inspired by his childhood, which he’ll be filming in 2021.

Mangold has voiced a desire to keep true to the original movies. He stated in a press release, “I’m thrilled to be starting a new adventure, collaborating with a dream team of all-time great filmmakers. Steven, Harrison, Kathy, Frank, and John are all artistic heroes of mine. When you add Phoebe [Waller-Bridge], a dazzling actor, brilliant creative voice and the chemistry she will undoubtedly bring to our set, I can’t help but feel as lucky as Indiana Jones himself.”

David Koepp, who wrote Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was working on the Indiana Jones 5 screenplay for Steven Spielberg, but was replaced in 2018 by Jonathan Kasdan and then Dan Fogelman, only for Koepp to rejoin the project in 2019. But when Spielberg stepped down from the director’s chair, Koepp departed as well, explaining:

“When James Mangold came in … he deserves a chance to take his shot at it. I’d done several versions with Steven. And when Steven left, it seemed like the right time to let Jim have his own take on it and have his own person or himself write it.”

The current Indiana Jones 5 script was written by Mangold along with screenwriting partners Jez and John-Henry Butterworth.

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Who Is in the Indiana Jones 5 Cast?

Harrison Ford will be back as Indiana Jones, but no other returning actors or characters from previous installments from the franchise are yet confirmed.

Since Indy and Marion Ravenwood tied the knot at the end of Crystal Skull, it would be great to see Karen Allen make an appearance. John Rhys-Davies, who played Sallah, expressed an interest in returning to the franchise in an interview with ComingSoon. Jim Broadbent, who played Charles Stanforth, would also be willing to return as stated in an interview with ScreenCrush, but none of these possible returns are yet confirmed.

But there will be quite a few new faces to the Indiana Jones franchise in the fifth installment. Although their specific roles in this film are under wraps, these actors are confirmed to star in the movie: Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), Mads Mikkelsen (Another Round), Shaunette Renee Wilson (The Resident), Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), and Toby Jones (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

In some confirmed good news, music for this film will be scored by John Williams once again, who created the iconic theme and scored all four previous Indiana Jones movies. The franchise wouldn’t be the same without him.

What About Harrison Ford’s Injury?


Image via Paramount

You may have heard that Harrison Ford has already been injured during filming. He was rehearsing a fight scene on June 23rd when he injured his shoulder. There have been no confirmed delays yet, and the movie will be filmed around him as he recovers and adjustments to the schedule are made as needed. A statement from Disney read, “In the course of rehearsing for a fight scene, Harrison Ford sustained an injury involving his shoulder. Production will continue while the appropriate course of treatment is evaluated, and the filming schedule will be reconfigured as needed in the coming weeks.”

Ford is no stranger to on-set injury and recovery, so we have no reason to be worried just yet. He was most recently injured while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, breaking bones in his foot and dislocating his ankle, and that production had to be reconfigured while he recovered as well.

What Is the Story for Indiana Jones 5?


While the specific story is being kept under wraps, there are a few things that we can deduce so far. Given the gap in time, we expect the movie to take place in either the 1960s or early 1970s. With this timeframe, there have been rumors that the movie may delve into the space race. While set photos and videos have shown Ford as Indy fighting Nazis again, we don’t know if that footage is a main focus for the movie or if it will be a flashback sequence. A major clue that it is a flashback sequence is the fact that Ford had dots on his face, which are used by visual effects teams to digitally de-age actors in post-production.

There have also been photos that clue us in to one of the filming locations: Bamburgh Castle on the Northeast coast of England. The castle has been used as a filming location in a number of other films, including Elizabeth, The Last Kingdom, and A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.

We will no doubt learn more as time goes on in terms of plot and filming timeline. We’ve waited this long, so what’s a bit more time as long as we get a performance true to the Indiana Jones we all know and love?

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