Idris Elba’s The Suicide Squad Character: What To Know About Bloodsport From The Comics

The Second Bloodsport Was A Fanatical Racist

A number of people have actually assumed the Bloodsport alias, including a woman officially identified as Demolitia in the mid-1990s and an anonymous male, only known as “Bloodsport III,” from 2006. Yet, the most notorious of Robert DuBois’ successors was Alexander Trent who, ironically, was a staunch white supremacist and devoted follower of the Aryan Brotherhood. In fact, he is partially the result of experiments his mother allowed to be done on her while pregnant in order to breed a superior white specimen.

The most essential aspect that tied Alexander Trent to the Bloodsport moniker was Lex Luthor’s weapon teleporting device, which he had surgically grafted onto his chest. However, Trent would cross paths with Robert DuBois while doing time at the same prison where they both were forced to fight in a boxing match with Superman serving as referee. On second thought, maybe I would rather see that movie as a The Suicide Squad sequel one day.

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