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How to Watch Y: The Last Man

Imagine casually carrying out your day-to-day affairs and all of a sudden there aren’t any other men out there except for you? Yorick Brown experiences this firsthand after a mysterious plague eliminates all the male species from the face of the Earth in Y: The Last Man, a comic book series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. The Vertigo Comics installment has harbored fans’ attention since it first came out in 2002, but only years later the story was transferred from comic strips to live-action sequences that tackle female empowerment, gender identity, and race.

Ben Schnetzer will play Yorick in the series, after a Shia LaBeouf-led film was considered and after Barry Keoghan left the project for his role in Eternals. Much like his character in the show, Schentzer was one of the very few men on set given that all the directors in the project were women as well as most of the cast and rest of the crew. The actor will share the screen with powerhouse actresses such as Diane Lane (as Congresswoman Jennifer Brown, Yorick’s mother), Ashley Romans (as Agent 335), Ashley Tamblyn (as Mariette Callows, the U.S. president’s daughter), and Olivia Thirlby (Hero Brown, Yorick’s sister).

Now that the finishing touches to this long-overdue project have been made, Y: The Last Man is set to premiere this month. Here is a handy guide to when and where you can watch the series.

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When Will the First Episode of Y: The Last Man Come Out?


Image via FX Networks

The post-apocalyptic TV series might have taken a long time to be adapted to the screen, but don’t worry, you will get to check it out very soon. FX had first announced the TV show was being made in October 2015 and much happened until the production wrapped up in late 2020. While reports initially hinted that the series would simply be named Y, after Yorick’s character, the series will have the same name as the comic books. After the official trailer came out in early August, the release date was announced: Y: The Last Man will premiere on September 13 on FX on Hulu.

Is Y: The Last Man Available to Stream?


Image via FX Networks

The first three episodes of Y: The Last Man will arrive on FX on Hulu on September 13 and the rest of the episodes will release on a weekly basis. If you don’t subscribe to Hulu yet, the streaming service is only available for U.S.-based audiences with monthly plans starting at $5.99. There is also a free trial available for the first month after the regular Hulu subscription or the Hulu (no ads one). The Hulu+ Live TV plan only offers a 7-day free trial. The first four episodes are already showing up as upcoming.

Can You Watch Y: The Last Man Online Without Hulu?


Image via FX Networks

For viewers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or U.S. military bases, unfortunately, you will only have the option of watching the show through FX on Hulu. However, for audiences in some countries in the rest of the world, including the UK and Canada, Y: The Last Man will be available through Disney+ as a Star original series. The first three episodes will come out in the U.K. and Ireland on Wednesday, September 22nd.

How Many Episodes Does Y: The Last Man Have?


Image via FX

The series will have 10 episodes in total! The first three episodes will premiere on September 13, followed by a weekly release schedule for new episodes. According to IMDb, the titles and summaries for the first six episodes are already available.

  • The first episode is entitled “The Day Before” and it will explore the tensions between Congresswoman Jennifer Brown and the President as well as an emotional crossroads between Yorick and his sister Hero during the eve of the post-apocalyptic crisis that will wash away all the male species but Yorick and his monkey. (Airs September 13, 2021 on FX on Hulu)
  • “Would the World Be Kind” is the name of the second episode and it will take place during the crisis and focus on Jennifer Brown stepping up as President to solve the problem. (Airs September 13, 2021 on FX on Hulu)
  • The third episode will be called “Neil” and it will not only feature Agent 355 pitching a plan to deal with this situation, but we will also see Yorick and his mother reuniting as well as the daughter of the late President circling Jennifer’s secret. (Airs September 13, 2021 on FX on Hulu)
  • Karen and Benji is the fourth episode and in it, Yorick and Agent 355 will try to look for a geneticist and unravel his secret. There will also be a dangerous group of women introduced in this part of the series. (Airs September 20, 2021 on FX on Hulu)
  • The fifth episode will be Mann Hunt,” which is a direct reference to Yorick and Agent 355 search for Dr. Allison Mann in Boston after the destruction. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to hide Yorick’s survival from her political rivals. (Airs September 27, 2021 on FX on Hulu)
  • The sixth episode is titled “Weird Al is Dead”. Yorick, Agent 355 and Dr. Mann hit a snag on their way to San Francisco. As the search for 355 heats up, Jennifer clashes with former cabinet secretary Regina Oliver, who has her eyes on the presidency. Hero is seduced by a charismatic leader, Roxanne, as Sam and Nora grapple with their place in a dangerous group of survivors. (Airs October 4, 2021 on FX on Hulu)

When is Y: The Last Man’s Finale?


Image via FX

The final episode will premiere on FX on Hulu on November 1st in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. military bases and on November 10th for other countries in which the show will be distributed through Disney Star in the U.K., Ireland, and Canada.

How Many Seasons Will the Show Have?


Image via FX

Although it is still a mystery if the show will have further seasons, showrunner Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom) already has vision of how many seasons she would like to invest on Y: The Last Man. This is what Clark said on an interview with Polygon: “Five or six seasons is what I’m thinking. Without giving anything away, the comic is a great template, but the show will have its own twists and turns. Generally speaking, I feel like television is best at about five seasons.”

The showrunner wrote the first two episodes of the series, which were both directed by Louise Friedberg.

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