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How to Get Paid to Make Excel spreadsheets

We live in a world of Excel sheets, charts, graphs, and data mining. Microsoft Excel is not just a tool with tons of features to create data but is also a safe place for you to save a few crucial pieces of information. 

Excel has been around for ages and has become an inseparable part of most businesses. With an in-depth understanding of the application and some added speed, you can always make some extra money without investment using Excel. If you thrive on data and statistics, then it is high time you turn that liking into a potential business.   

So, is Microsoft Excel used only by data analysts or IT professionals? The clear answer would be a big no. From billing to data management to inventory to complex calculations, Excel has got you covered. 

Below we have mentioned a few ways and business ideas to implement if you are an Excel wizard. 

Why Microsoft Excel? 

Excel is an undeniably powerful tool and is part of everyone’s profession. If you like it or loathe it, the software is here to stay for a longer time. With over 750 million users, Excel has taken over several computer applications and tools. How impressive is that! 

With the use ofspreadsheets and data, you can always make some extra money as a short or long-term business prospect. The platform’s impressive functionality and user-friendly design might not be alien to you. Today, some major corporations depend on the prowess of Excel to generate primary data on an hourly basis. 

So still having second thoughts on the ability of this simple yet complex tool? Let us help you out if you are facing a roadblock with this. 

Ways to Make Money With Excel 

As we mentioned earlier, Excel has evolved more than just being a data-generating tool. This shift has created a growing bed for professionals to hand on side businesses and expand their social circles. 

Below, we have collated a few earning methods and techniques with the usage of Excel: 

Collaborate With Small Businesses 

You might be surprised to know that there are still few small-scale businesses that swear upon traditional ways of accounting. Here we are talking about even the established companies. Most of the business owners of the local stores have limited knowledge of how to use technology to their advantage. 

Please use this opportunity and convince the owners of the benefits of using Excel for accounting their vital information and data daily. 

Below are few small business prospects you can target: 


If you have interacted with any landlord recently, you might have noticed their way of managing accounts and tenet details. Unfortunately, most of them pay zero attention to data management. So here’s how you approach them with a business prospect. 

You can create an impressive spreadsheet with their tenet’s overall details and guide them through the process of data entry. In addition, your spreadsheet should make them realize the pros of using tech and how well they can manage time. 

Small Scale Stationery 

Most of these stationery and craft shop owners manage their daily businesses with the help of loose papers. If you are looking for a side business, then this is your opportunity to grab. Have a detailed conversation with the owners and impress them with your invoice spreadsheets and your technical genius. 


If you are an Excel nerd, you might as well start freelancing with different corporations or individuals. Freelancing today is growing with significant momentum, and many full-timers are switching to this more flexible option. 

So how do you go about it? First, sign up with a trustworthy online freelance platform. You will be amused to witness various active Excel jobs at your fingertip. It does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner; you get plenty of options to earn some extra cash through these platforms. 

Figure out your interest and strength, and you can start working as a freelance analyst, data entry operator, or accountant. 


Apart from working for other businesses, why not show your expertise through a personal blog? Blogging has taken over the internet world today and is a great way to reach the maximum crowd across the globe. 

Experts have varied perspectives to talk about, even for something as simple as creating a to-do list — most people on the professional front lack in-depth knowledge about Excel. So put on your thinking cap, ideate a few pointers, and blog about your understanding of Excel. 

Slowly and steadily, you can establish a professional blog to generate a stable income for yourself. 

Online Courses 

Digital and online certification courses have gained prominence in recent times. You can avail any course of your interest to broaden your horizon. Moreover, you can use similar online learning websites and design courses for people looking to polish their Excel skills. 

However, do ensure that your content is top-notch and well researched. It is essential to stand out in the online world since there is a flood of information and options available. You can also plan to create your website and upload relevant paid courses for viewers. 

Excel Templates 

To make some substantial income, you can design appropriate spreadsheets needed by different professionals today. Unfortunately, most corporations do not have time to create graphs and charts in this fast-paced and demanding world. 

Grab this opportunity and sell Excel template models for clients and management. You can create templates for invoices, budgets, payrolls, inventory, and the list goes on.  

Unfortunately, platforms to buy Excel templates are rare, but you can always create your website and promote them to grab some eyeballs. 


If you are an Excel maestro, then it is time that you monetize your skill and build a side business. Excel is a demanding skill set every corporation looks for in their employees. So strategize a plan on your online gig and make that extra money you always wanted to. 

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