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How People can make Money from Cryptocurrency

Today many people get involved into cryptocurrency field to make some money, but not all are successful or even leave this field with some loss.
Lots of people either simply give up at the mid of the way or get trapped with crypto scams that actually their number is increasing every day.
To be honest, there are quite a handful and safe methods you can make legitimate money from cryptocurrencies that I explore some of them at below but please do not consider this article and my methods as a financial advice as I won’t be responsible for any possible loss or your money.
There is always risk involves in trading and buying crypto as its market sometimes is very unstable, so please consider your own conditions as you understand it better than everyone else.

Method 1:Buy and Hold
Easy, but make sure you are enough patient and not emotional as the price may drop right after you bought it. Sometimes market crashes but hopefully it will recover after a while.
I remember around 2013 I was receiving emails to buy Bitcoin for $200 and I never knew what it is, then its price jumped in 2018 as you remember to around $20,000 and gain crashed and from early 2021 started to climb to over $60,000 and now is around $45,000. Imagine if I bought 10 bitcoin in 2013 for $2000, now I had $450,000.

Method 2:Buy, Hold and stake or save
If you decided to buy and keep some crypto then why not making some extra money from their holding. Yes, you can either stake them or leave it in a saving account and receive interests or rewards. Some exchanges like Binance offer both staking and saving with good rates and also short to medium terms, so it is smart to leave your crypto in one of these account and make some extra money from them while waiting for their price to increase. The only important point is that you receive your interest or reward in the same currency as your crypto. For example if you are staking ADA then you get ADA as reward. So consider the price fluctuations. If you are purely looking to make money from staking or saving then maybe USDT or BUSD is the safest crypto as their price is always around real USD.

Method 3:Buy and trade
Do you know that some people’s job is just trading, stocks and crypto.
If you know the rules and have expertise, can analyse the movement of price and familiar with trading then day trading will be a good method to make some money from crypto’s price change, but if you don’t know it then better to forget it as it is possible to make big loss.
Some exchanges also offer free trading bots that can be adjusted to trade on behalf of you with very conservative approach to avoid loss but the percentage of profit is low. Also there is an individual trading bot that works very well and can be connected to exchanges same as Binance and so on. Its name is Bitsgap and as I checked its trading outcome has been very good.


Method 4:Buy,Hold and loan your crypto
Yes, the same as normal banks that you can borrow money, people can get crypto loans so by participating in this field that is offered by some exchange platforms the same Kucoin you can make money by borrowing your crypto to other. You can also set terms and interest rates by yourself. The same as what I said in staking, please consider the price fluctuation of your crypto and if you just purely consider making money from this system then go with the safer crypto the same as USDT or BUSD.

Method 5:Invest and get daily profit.
This method is highly risky but maybe you want to try it with a small money.
Recently the number of platforms that offer investment on Defi is highly increased and everyday you can see that a new one is showing up offering huge daily ROI( Return On Investment). In this platforms simply you buy some of their tokens from an exchange and then stake it on that platform and then they give you daily rewards in another token. Their ROI starts from 2% to even 500% a day( too good, can be fake) but this is what they offer to encourage people to buy their token and stake it. This rate decrease every time the number of staked tokens increased that it automatically may result in increasing the price of that token
There are two major negative signs with this sort of platforms. First that you cannot be sure if this website will be still running tomorrow. If that platform is audited then at least there is some company that you can approach them to get your money back but if it is not then no chance. Secondly Even if everything is good with that platform then the matter is the price of that token. As these tokens are new and not traded on any trading platform then their price is depended on the number of people that want to sell or buy them so I have observed that even in one day the price of such tokens decreased by 10 times so even if ROI is 1000% daily, you just does not make loss.
I recently found some of these new website that offer investment on TRON/TRX that is a good crypto and traded on many different platforms so its price follows BTC price and can be traded everywhere.
Personally I joined one of them just to test it and I receive 2.5% daily return, that means my investment will be returned fully after 40 days and whatever I get after 40 days is my profit that can go forever- of that website does not disappear-. I checked the domain registration and it is until Dec 2022 so I am hopeful that I can get this daily retunes until that time.
If you would lie to check it then its link is HERE, but again I recommend you to consider the risks and start with a small investment.

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