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Homeroom Trailer Reveals Hulu’s Pandemic Documentary About High Schoolers

Young students are stepping up and trying to make the world a better place for themselves

Today, Hulu debuted the trailer for Homeroom, a documentary about Oakland High and what its graduating class of 2020 went through during the year that the Covid pandemic turned the world on its head. But the kids in this doc weren’t just struggling with Covid that year. There are a whole host of other subjects which the documentary tackles – most of them much more adult than what you would expect teenagers to have to handle.

The trailer starts out strong with a group of students grilling some of the police officers who patrol their school. When one young student asks “Do you think it’s necessary to make assumptions about anybody you come in contact with?”, the cop stammers and fails to answer her question. After that, the trailer smash-cuts to the Hulu logo, followed by a screen of students walking through the parking lot with the documentary’s independent film festival awards superimposed over the footage.

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Our own Adam Chitwood reviewed this film out of Sundance earlier this year and praised how it handled its subject matter.

“Homeroom certainly feels unique in that it intimately captures the before, during, and after in the lives of a handful of seniors who keep fighting for change no matter the circumstances, no matter how many people tell them their protests are fruitless. And it’s well worth watching for that reason alone.”

Peter Nicks is the director of Homeroom. It’s actually the third in a trilogy of documentaries he’s been working on in recent years. The other two are The Waiting Room (2012) and The Force (2017). All three documentaries focus on the intersectionality of education, health care, and criminal justice – as well as how inequities in those areas disproportionately affect communities of color in Oakland, CA.

All three documentaries will be available to stream on Hulu starting August 12. You can check out the Homeroom trailer and poster below.


Image via Hulu

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