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Henry Cavill Reportedly Interested In Voicing Superman In Animated Project

Henry Cavill might have been the world’s feature film Superman for a decade as he was first announced as the star of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel back in January 2011, but in that time, the Big Blue Boy Scout has been voiced by a huge number of other actors in various DC animated projects, while Tyler Hoechlin has been suiting up in the Arrowverse since his first appearance in Supergirl five years ago.

However, The Witcher star has been the focal point of any and all Superman-related conversation for a long time now due to Warner Bros.’ apparent lack of interest in utilizing him as part of their shared cinematic universe. Three big screen appearances in ten years, and not a single second under the costume since mid-2017, is not a great return. Meanwhile, fans want to see him again in the spandex suit and Cavill hopes to play the role for years to come, but naturally, the studio are rebooting and recasting.

While the door isn’t closed for a comeback quite yet, it seems like it’s creaking closer and closer towards being shut, but insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the 38 year-old is interested in voicing Kal-El in an animated project, although that’s the extent of the information. Of course, there’ve been literally dozens upon dozens of destinations for Cavill – both Superman and otherwise – touted by the tipster over the last few months, none of which have come to fruition so far, and the DC Animated Universe literally just announced a new animated Man of Steel show with The Boys‘ Jack Quaid not long ago.

Matt Bomer, Alan Tudyk, Jerry O’Connell, Darren Criss, Jason Isaacs, Channing Tatum, James Wolk and more have also lent their vocal talents to the hero in the decade since Cavill secured the part in live-action, but maybe an olive branch will be extended by WB to try and keep the Superman actor sweet.

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