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Hasbro has revealed a new Transformers toy that collectors are going to love. Standing at 7” tall, the Shattered Glass Collection Voyager Class Megatron figure is perfect for leading the Decepticons into battle. With the ability to convert between Cybertronian spaceship and robot in 18 steps as well as his Fusion Cannon, sword, shield and detachable Energon wing accessories, this collectible will stand proud on your shelf. In addition, fans will get a copy of IDW’s Shattered Glass #2 with the figure.

The Shattered Glass Collection Voyager MEGATRON figure stands at 7 inches tall, converts between robot and Cybertronian spaceship mode in 18 steps, comes with Fusion Cannon, sword and shield accessories, and features detachable Energon wings in robot mode. This figure depicts the righteous DECEPTICON commander, MEGATRON, with deco and details inspired by the Shattered Glass universe.

You can pre-order your figure now from Hasbro Pulse with an exclusive variant cover. Megatron is set to release on October 1 and costs $36.99.

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