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Hasbro Announces New BEYBLADE BURST QUADDRIVE Line of Battle Tops — GeekTyrant

Do you remember Beyblade? Did you know that they still make the battling tops? Well, they do, and Hasbro recently revealed the new Beyblade Burst QuadDrive line. These new tops add two new components to the tops that are customizable to alter the strategy of your top: the Gravity Ring and the Armor Tip.

Beyblade QuadDrive tech puts the future of Beyblade battling in your hands with the first ever 4-in-1 Beyblade top! Each QuadDrive top can be configured in 4 different ways, giving you 4 ways to strategize, 4 ways to customize, 4 modes to battle, and 4 modes to win! Size up your opponent and modify your QuadDrive top to gain the ultimate battle advantage.

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