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Happy Death Day 3 Director Teases News Coming Soon

Horror fans might finally be on the verge of getting some good news about Happy Death Day 3. 2017’s time loop-themed, comedy-tinged horror was a huge smash, earning great reviews and $125 million at the box office. Unfortunately, though, 2019’s Happy Death Day 2U didn’t fare as well commercially, only grossing about half as much as the first film. And it seems this put the brakes on the planned closer to the trilogy. At least, for a while.

Recently, Blumhouse’s Jason Blum has been teasing that he’s working hard to somehow make it happen, and maybe now he’s finally found a way to do just that. A fan of the franchise contacted writer/director Christopher Landon on Twitter this week, jokingly enquiring about the chances of a threequel. But what they received was a surprisingly hopeful response from the filmmaker. “I might have some news on the distant horizon for you,” Landon replied, along with a series of emojis that reflect the series – a scream, a Babyface killer-like baby and a knife.

Happy Death Day 2U

Landon has previously teased his plans for the next movie, explaining that it’s set on a different day from the first two, so a several-year delay shouldn’t affect the story. Last November, the Freaky director also said he thinks there’s “a real shot” at the threequel happening, and this tweet suggests he’s even more hopeful at this point. The good news is that star Jessica Rothe – who plays final girl Tree Gelbman – remains committed to the character. Rothe’s admitted she’ll play Tree again even if she has to wait 30 years and pull a “Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween“-style comeback.

It seems likely that, if Happy Death Day 3 ever did get off the ground, it would be headed for streaming, given its predecessor’s disappointing box office performance. But fans would be more than happy about that. Landon says any news is on the “distant horizon,” so don’t expect an official announcement anytime soon, but this brief update is encouraging nonetheless. With any luck, Tree will be killed on her birthday a bunch more times eventually.

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