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Halo Infinite’s Next Multiplayer Preview Coming Later This Month

After a few small tweaks, 343 Studios is ready to test Halo Infinite again. In two weeks, the next multiplayer preview will go live for the highly anticipated shooter and anyone who signs up for a Halo Insider account by September 13 will be invited.

Halo Infinite‘s latest test will be a bit different than the past. Rather than focus on bot Slayer, 343 is putting the spotlight on PVP, hence the open invitation for anyone who can sign up in time. This latest preview will feature some new 4v4 Arena PVP along with a new map, but the main attraction is the 12v12 Big Team Battle modes. Expect the classic, hectic combat with vehicles across a large battlefield that Halo is known for, only on a larger scale than ever before thanks to the jump up from 8v8.


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Furthermore, everything available in the previous test is still there to test out to your heart’s content. 343 made some enhancements to the bots ahead of the upcoming preview, a terrifying proposition considering how human-like they already were. The Academy returns as well with a new training mode for players to hone their skills in.

Given the focus on large-scale PVP for this test, 343 community director Brian Jarrard is pushing for as many people as possible to get involved in the upcoming preview to properly test out the multiplayer. In a thread on Twitter, he said he hoped that every Insider signed up by September 13th will get to participate, barring an insane surge of players that they can’t handle. Either way, it’s a great opportunity that will very likely get you a chance at trying out Halo Infinite before launch.

The next multiplayer preview begins on September 24, but there’s no end date announced as of yet. Halo Infinite releases later this year on December 8 and will launch with multiplayer as a free-to-play, standalone experience. Check out the announcement tweet below.

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