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Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons Expansion Gets New Trailer and Release Date

ArenaNet gave Guild Wars 2 fans a look into the game’s latest expansion End of Dragons with a new trailer and a live stream breaking down the upcoming content. The reveal takes us to the land of Cantha, the setting for the expansion, and shows off new mounts, legendary weapons, missions, and even fishing!

End of Dragons, the third expansion for the popular MMORPG, takes players back to the first Guild Wars with a return to Cantha, a land severed from the rest of Tyria for over 200 years. Players will get to explore a vibrant, serene land filled with towering trees, cherry blossoms, mountains, and running streams. However, this Cantha is very different from the one Guild Wars veterans know, as the land and the people have changed as a result of the events throughout the game. It marks an apex for the Guild Wars 2 story as everything you have experienced throughout the game comes to a head in the Empire of the Dragon.


Image via ArenaNet

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Along with the story updates and new areas, End of Dragons will add nine new elite specializations to further customize each profession and brand new legendary weapons. For an extra challenge, players will be able to take on special 10-man strike missions based on the events and key battles in the expansion, but with a twist to keep hardcore players on their toes.

The new expansion is also adding in some co-op fun with the new siege turtle mount: a two-man walking apocalypse fitted with cannons for maximum destruction. You and a friend can take a joyride through Cantha causing wanton destruction with your new tortoise pal. If you’d prefer a more peaceful activity, End of Dragons will introduce fishing into the game along with a new skiff mount to sail out with your friends on.

After previous delays, End of Dragons is set for a release in February 2022. Pre-orders are available now and you can check out the official trailer for the expansion below.

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