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Good Will Hunting: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Matt Damon Movie

There Were Plans To Kill Off Will And Chuckie At Different Points In Pre-Production

When Gus Van Sant first came on as director, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck agreed that the legendary filmmaker was now in control and they would follow his lead as actors. Early on in pre-production when the script was still being fleshed out, Van Sant told the pair that he wanted to kill off Chuckie by crushing him like a bug on a construction site. As Damon recalled when speaking with Film Scouts, he and Affleck thought it was a bad idea that wouldn’t work but decided to write it up anyway and present it to the director, who, by the way, thought it was a bad idea after all.

Later on in the same interview, Matt Damon revealed Good Will Hunting was originally going to end with Carmine Scarpaglia (Rob Lyons) coming back to get revenge on Will, killing him in the process.

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